We at ARServices are proud of our partnership with EEI and proud of the trust that EEI has in our ability to provide services for their most important client – you! We are pleased to offer EEI’s materials in an efficient, professional, and secure manner in compliance with the EEI Standards.

Our extensive experience in the administration of EEI assessment tools means that we understand the efforts you must take to prepare for your test session. The purpose of this site is therefore intended to simplify your ordering process. We will deliver EEI materials accurately and to your specifications each time.

Simply stated, our goal is to provide what you need, when you need it.

As your partner, we will always seek ways to improve our processes and welcome your suggestions to enhance your experience. Please let us know of any suggestions that you may have that could improve your ordering or delivery experiences. Contact Us for any questions.

How it Works

Once you provide needed information, you will have the opportunity to place orders online, select various shipping preferences, and make changes to your account as necessary.